Welcome to Sandwich Party Sunday! We’re going to do some good in the community and have a great time doing it! With that in mind, this handbook will give you some guidelines and some things you should know before we get started.

General Guidelines

  • Have fun. This should be a good time for everyone.
  • Bring the love. Food is important. Love is more important. Let people know you care. It means a lot.
  • Be respectful. This is a party for everyone, including people of all manner of beliefs, cultures, races and sexual preferences. This is not a place to hook up or to argue about our own beliefs. Everyone should feel comfortable and welcome. This is about us having a good time and helping out people in need in our community.
  • Keep us in the loop. If anything isn’t right or could be better then please let us know right away. (you can call Scott any time at 323-378-9136)
  • Be creative. This is something we’re all co-creating together. If you have any ideas then please don’t keep them a secret. The more involved we all are the better this will be. The food we bring to the streets will be provided though donations, but if you have anything you’d like to contribute to the care packages we give out then that would be awesome (socks, mints, underwear, hygiene products, etc. – anything that might be helpful to the people we serve).
  • Keep your head. Don’t show up intoxicated.
  • Choose your participation. If for any reason you’d like to take part in only making sandwiches or only passing them out then that’s no problem. Just give us a heads up so we have an accurate head count.
  • Charge your phone. Please come with a charged phone and bring a charger if there’s any chance it might be necessary.

Part 1 – The Sandwich Party

We’ll be providing food. Please let us know if you have any food restrictions.

We’ll be playing music. As a general rule the music will be upbeat and fun. Sometimes we’ll play pre-recorded music, sometimes we’ll have live music. As with every element of this – your feedback is welcome.

Part 2 – Bringing the Love to the Streets

After we finish making sandwiches we’ll take the food to the streets.

We’ll travel in groups of 3 or more. If you have any preference as to who you’d like to be paired with then please let us know in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate. Each group will have a team leader who knows the neighborhood, the protocol and how to get back.

Please bring comfortable shoes. You’re going to be walking.

Be aware. Focus attention outward so we can better serve our community and one another.

Get names. Names create community. When you know each other’s names everything is better.

Sandwiches are for anyone who wants them. We’ll do our best to find those in need, but there’s no judgment involved in passing out sandwiches. If someone wants one they can have one. When in doubt, tell people that the sandwiches are for anyone who wants them. It’s generally best to avoid positioning this as us giving handouts to the homeless. We can easily change that dynamic by presenting the offer as ‘sandwiches for anyone and everyone’.